Workshop New Moon in Gemini

Workshop New Moon in Gemini

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This workshop was given on May 18, 2022. It is already available deferred.

🪄Learn to Manifest through Lunar Astrology. This Workshop is given on the day the Moon is in the NEW Lunar phase. In this workshop we are going to take you by the hand towards lunar astrology so that you learn to sow your intentions and manifest your purposes through personal work.

💫This workshop will be held online live on May 18, 2022 and will begin at 9pm IC time.

🌚 Reserve your place NOW and benefit from a €5 discount by acquiring your place before May 10.

♊️In this workshop you will learn an ancestral manifestation technique to achieve your purposes through the lunations. Through presentations you will learn the meaning and origin of this manifestation technique. If you like to work mechanically and know what you have to do in each situation, this workshop is for you. We will teach you several exercises to perform.

⭐️ You don't need to be present if you can't attend, but your attendance during the workshop has some advantages, such as: You will learn all the knowledge and techniques on the same day of the New Moon in Taurus. You can ask questions and resolve doubts live.

🔥You can work on any aspect to manifest in your life related to connections of any kind with others, give power to your voice, give power to your expression, rescue old projects and ideas and give them a new perspective and opportunity, create more bridges and connections , connect with creativity, review communication with me and with others, establish and correct new ways of communicating with my creative power.

⚡ Remember that you will work with the support and guidance of our New Moon in Gemini Workbook, with which you can accompany and guide yourself throughout the process.
We will work on the aspects of your wishes related to the theme of the New Moon in Gemini.
We will review the work of the New Moon in Taurus. We will solve doubts, we will empower ourselves and we will analyze the astrological aspects to make the most of this event. We will add new desires and intentions to work on.

😃For more information:

WhatsApp +34 611 678 193

Let's go! 🔥🚀