Personalized Subliminal 2h

Personalized Subliminal 2h

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If you want to know more about the properties of Subliminal Audios, click on this link

All our subliminal audios are made with care, care and a lot of patience.

Our audios are composed of VERY POWERFUL affirmations studied and verified by us, so that they go directly to your subconscious to impress it and carry out deep programming.

We have more than 10 years of experience in making powerful subliminal audios
for subconscious programming.

We have several subliminals shared on our channels. These subliminal audios
they are not suitable for download as we cannot guarantee that they contain all their properties, as the audio on YouTube already has a conversion and to download it needs more conversions, and we cannot guarantee that the subliminal work is intact and can perform the programming with the same power and purpose.


* If you want any of our original Powerful Subliminal Audios with all its properties:

- The value of our Original Own Subliminals is €25/hour (the value is for duration).


* If you want a personalized subliminal audio either:

- Change the melody to one of the own audios that we share:

change a tune
switch to sounds of nature

- Make a subliminal audio for a specific topic

work (general or specific work)
health (general or specific ailment or improvement)
love (general or specific person)
past ailments
repeating patterns
certain beliefs
conscious or unconscious manifestations

* The work of a personalized subliminal audio includes:

- Study and management of the personal case
- Making powerful personalized affirmations unique to the person's situation
- Possibility to choose the musical category (classical music, instrumental, natural sounds, etc...)
- Preparation of instructions
- Possibility to choose the duration of the subliminal
- Processing and editing
- Export
- Sending and solving doubts.

- The value of our Personalized Subliminals is:

€60 (study and management of the personal case, personalization, making personalized affirmations and all of the above)
€25/h (25 euros per hour of duration).

* Recommendations:

For deep subconscious programming at night we recommend a minimum duration between 6-8 hours.

The delivery period is approximately 30 working days counting from the day of receipt of the form that we will send you and that you will have to send us with all your personal data in order to create your Personalized Subliminal.

* You can pay for your Powerful Personalized Subliminal Audio through:

- Debit or Credit Card

* For other forms of payment, consult.

Thank you very much and welcome to your Great Transformation!!!