THE OTHER Special Class - June 9

THE OTHER Special Class - June 9

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Do not miss our next Sth Special Class EL OTRO on June 9 from 9pm Canary Islands time

Is it difficult for you to understand the concept of the other?

Do you need more awareness to understand your creative power in your experience?

Do you feel that you have no influence and control over others?

Do you feel that others have influence and control over your mind and your experience?

This class is for you!

It is a class on the theme of Consciousness, Quantum World and Work in the Creator.

This class will help you through the Consciousness of Being, to choose for yourself your wish fulfilled and become the creator who will manifest it.

The classes have a start time but the end time is uncertain, it will depend on the number of attendees and the amount of doubts that have to be resolved.

Remember that attending a live class helps to better program your subconscious mind. Participate live!

In addition, reserving your place now you will benefit from a 60% discount for advance purchase.

Run for yours!

The time has come to get rid of those others who prevent you from manifesting your desire!


***Remember that as it is a live class, an email will be sent to you on the day of the class, before the class with the link to access the live class.

* All classes are subject to changes and modifications. We reserve the right to change dates and times with and without prior notice.