STH Clase Especial PE3: ASUMIR A TU PE CORRECTAMENTE (DIFERIDO) - Sin Trucos Humanos

PE3 - Learn to Assume Your Specific Persona CORRECTLY - Special Class

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PE - Learn to Assume Your Specific Persona Correctly - Special Class

How many are the People who have tried to Assume their Specific Person and have had NO results...

Why is this? Well, because they don't know how to do it the right way. They think that they do know or have learned to do it in a certain way but they do NOT see results.

Juana, don't insist, don't be stubborn. If you have done it so far without results, it is because you do NOT know how to do it correctly. Either because you have been taught wrong or because the information you know is not correct or contrasted and verified, which we DO do and take into account at No Human Tricks.

Learn to Assume Right and learn EVERYTHING you need to know so that this time you DO get the right results.

Almost 4 hours of class full of content that you can study and review as much as you want.

Start NOW and don't forget to share your testimony with us.


The live class took place on February 29, 2020 at 6:00 p.m., Canary Islands time. It is currently on hold.

People who previously paid for the class and cannot attend will receive the link to it.

The class consists of more than 3 hours with a theoretical/clarification part and a round of questions.
Of course it will be full of pearls that will make you integrate concepts and impress your subconscious.
People who wish to participate live will be able to interact with other participants.
There will be a moderation team during the class, to maintain order and harmony, as well as to guide them if they have any questions. People who do not attend the live class will not have the right to ask questions by other means related to this class.

The places are limited.

The class will not be published publicly on YouTube or on social networks.
Once you finish the purchase, a link should appear with a downloadable document where you will receive all the information about the class and how to proceed. If for some reason you did not receive the document, please send us an email to Learsi will reply and send you the document as soon as it becomes available.

Customers from Spain and the rest of Europe can pay for the class by bank transfer. Send us an email indicating that you want this payment option and we will provide you with the information so that you can make the transfer.

Any customer, regardless of their country, can pay through Paypal or with their debit or credit card.

Clients who wish to make a cash deposit through Moneygram or Western Union must send us an email to and we will send them all the information to make the deposit.

Are you ready to manifest??!!