If you can't breathe...

God exists.

God is

God listens ALWAYS.

God listens even when you don't mean to

It is always, I Am.

we are not apart

We are not alone

We're not hanging on nothing

We belong to life, right now.

Life flows through you.

You're not alone.

you don't die

you can't die

Even if you think you're dying now.

Even if the pain is so strong that you can't breathe

Even if the pain makes you react

Even if the pain drives you to end everything.

Although love drives you to embrace everything.

Although the emptiness fills everything.

Everything is mental.

Nothing happens, only what you experience

Just what you are now.

Who are you right now?

What fills you up?

Does the void fill you?

Does the pain fill you?

Does your hunger fill you?

Does the illusion fill you?

Does it fill you with hope?

Does love fill you?

What is filling you up?

Everything fills you even when you think you are hollow, the emptiness fills everything inside you.

You can't not fill yourself with something, you can't not fill yourself with anything.

You can choose.

What are you filling yourself with?

What do you want to fill yourself with?

What do you want?

You can let go of it.

You cannot empty yourself, but you can fill yourself with something else you want.

What do you want to fill yourself with?

Are you willing to fill yourself with something else?

You can try?

Choose to fill yourself with what you want, even if you have to overflow your capacity for a few moments.

Overflow, flow, feel, allow...

God is with you.

The Universe loves you.

I love you.

Do you love yourself?

And if you only love yourself?

And if you just breathe and breathe, until you are filled with you?

Oh infinite consciousness

Oh presence I am

oh be

oh be

your own existence



Get drunk on your being

choose to be

Choose to exist

Here and now…

How do you feel?

Tell me what has happened.

... Breathe ...








I am.

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