The Law of Assumption is a concept adopted by Neville Goddard which is complementary to the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Assumption has this name as a result of the methodology that is used to achieve your purposes: to assume.

What is assuming a state? Assuming, as Neville Goddard explains it, is “acting as if”. In short, assuming a state is assuming, accepting something as true. In this specific case, it refers to assuming a state of consciousness, that is, appropriating from full responsibility of being, experiencing a certain experience or situation.

How is the Assumption Law used?

It is considered that the Law of Assumption is being used, when assuming a state, that is, reaching the point of thought and conscious feeling of inhabiting being or experiencing another state of consciousness from a full conviction.

Neville Goddard provided us with a series of human tips or tricks to be able to assume the desired state of consciousness or experience, such as: just before going to sleep, fall asleep in the sensation of the experience accomplished, assuming that it already is, being aware and feeling there, in that experience. Another way would be very similar to the previous one, but from the point of gratitude, feeling grateful for what it already is, that is, for having received or for being experiencing the desired state or experience. Another way that Neville Goddard tells us to assume a state is to visualize for several days what you want to experience, from a conscious point of being, feeling the emotion of experiencing what you have longed for from the present time, as if it already were or as if it is. There are different conferences where Neville Goddard says that the number of days that the person considers until he finds the point of full conviction can be assumed, but there are also other types of writings and conferences where he says that it should be done during a period of 3 days. or 7 days, which has led many people to confusion and creating insecurity as to whether they are doing it correctly or not.

Then the person, once he has assumed the state, must persist in the desired state, maintaining faith that his manifestation is accomplished. To persist is to stay in line with the decision made, in this case, to remain in the state of consciousness or chosen experience.

People who begin to study the teachings of Neville Goddard should be clear that he is an author and lecturer born in 1905 and that he was active with this type of teaching between 1930 until almost his departure from the earthly world in 1972, for What we must understand is that the only material that we have in addition to his books are the conferences that some of his students recorded and shared, which did not reach our times intact or in their entirety, due to the technological limitations of the time, among others. things.

Many of these misunderstandings occur because there are parts where he talks in relation to the mystical interpretation he makes of the meaning of the Bible from a point of view related to the human psyche and other types of talks and conferences have to do with the concepts he shares in a very staff and teacher. It is for this reason that when he speaks from a point of interpretation of the Bible, interpreting the scriptures, he says that a certain number of days must be assumed, because it is what he interprets and what he sees contained in the Bible.

Assuming a state at first seems simple, but it is only when the interested person puts it into practice that they discover that there are countless things that prevent them from remaining fully convinced of what they want to experience.

Why can't I persist in my assumption?

When the person is unable to persist in their assumption, it is because they are unable to stay focused on a conscious state of reality corresponding to what they want to experience. This can be for different reasons, usually related to belief system, judgments, religious factors, fears, insecurities and limiting ingrained subconscious programming. All this is totally contradictory to what you want to experience, therefore the person does not manage to reach the state of full conviction and what is more complicated for most people is to maintain faith and security that this already is, without wanting to control present and short-term events, having doubts, distrust and reaching a constant frustration that prevents him from accessing what he so longs to experience.

Neville Goddard and No Human Tricks have many things in common but he does not use or agree with all of the author's methodology, since there are many people who end up missing the mark and getting frustrated, since reaching that state of consciousness is not for everyone. For this reason, No Human Tricks was born. Sin Trucos Humanos is the first Spanish-speaking channel specialized in Neville Goddard and Asunción Law, as well as in the interpretation of different books and conferences from a simple and accessible point of view, which has managed to help thousands of people not only to understand better his teachings but to be able to apply them from a deeper point. No Human Tricks merges the Law of Assumption with the Law of Attraction and different teachings together with its own teachings, as well as pioneering methods and techniques of success.

Sin Trucos Humanos is also the first Spanish-speaking channel that fuses different techniques and own methodologies that combine the Law of Asunción with other types of teachings along with deep subconscious programming, being a pioneer and helping thousands of people not only to manifest their goals , but to transform at a subconscious level from personal empowerment and security, which makes the person take a path of constant personal enrichment, seeing rapid changes in their world, starting with how they feel about themselves.

Among the different techniques and methodologies that Sin Trucos Humanos has developed is the PSECU, which is the Quantum Feeling Deep Programming system, which is the one used by the speaker and professional when carrying out Personalized Sessions and personal attention both in workshops , retreats and other types of events.

Another pioneering technique developed by Sin Trucos Humanos is the TOLDA Method, which combines, in addition to the PSECU, different oracles to see how what is desired is manifesting and to be able to correct and guide the person in order to obtain their purposes in a way that is not only more quickly and efficiently, but from a great transformation and personal empowerment. For this reason there are thousands of people who share their testimonials of success with the TOLDA Method sessions through the different social networks.

In addition, Sin Trucos Humanos also makes powerful successful subliminal audios, which have already collected thousands of testimonials through the networks where people have wanted to share their personal experience. There are already thousands of people who trusted No Human Tricks who have better understood Neville Goddard's teachings and have been able to apply them correctly. Thousands of people who, through the teachings of No Human Tricks, together with its pioneering methods and techniques, today enjoy the personal experience of living in a new state. The one of his manifestation, his wish fulfilled.

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