You are God and your word is the law. Whatever you create in your inner world will be reflected in your outer world.

The manifestation always precedes the signs, which is why it is sometimes difficult to recognize one's own harvest. It is when you recognize your wish fulfilled, when you can look back and see clearly that bridge of incidents, where you got into and you manage to see all the events that were fitting together to bring you your wish fulfilled.

Everything is orchestrated in such a perfect way that many think it would have happened anyway, but no. It's your manifestation... But, as I said at the beginning: “You are God and your word is the law. Whatever you create in your internal world, will be reflected in your external world”; therefore, if on your way, events appear that you recognize and associate with what you have assumed and identify them (you) as signs, and those signs serve to leverage you, fill you with energy, good vibes, illusion, joy to feel, that your desire is manifesting, so accept them all. But if those signs appear, for you to enter the game of looking for signs, they will occur, but they will be spinning you, because it is an addictive game that if you do not manage it well, it can be repeated for a looong time, because it is soooo fun and it is so close already (but not quite). In my case, I like the "signs" I see them and he said jumm well, I take advantage of the feeling and I immediately get hooked on my routine (I am in control, I decide, I direct, I believe) because the universe gives us more than the same and if I look for signs and accept them, I will end up finding them (he who seeks finds), but my priority is to receive my wish fulfilled, even if the signs are funny

You create, you are God, decide what you want to do with the signs, they are yours because you allow them and wait for them. <3

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