EL PAN - Assumption Fulfilled - Manifestation Fulfilled

Today I come to tell you about a completed manifestation that I experienced just today. This statement is not my own, but my co-worker, Learsi. I can't stop laughing while I'm writing this post...

The issue is that we share the studio since we have some projects in common and almost three years ago, he moved to a building that is right in front of our offices. In the building where we have the studio, on the ground floor there is a commercial premises where there is a supermarket and, among other things, they sell bread.

My partner has been complaining about that bread for almost three years, and I honestly have to admit that he is more right than a saint, because I have ever bought it to take home and compare it to the tongue of a shoe, it would be quite kind. There's no supermarket or bakery immediately nearby, and if you want bread and you live where my partner lives, you're going to have to walk or drive.

It's rare the day when he doesn't talk to me about bread. The bread up and the bread down, and it is that he lives it when he talks about that bread: “how do you think of selling that?! where do they get it from?… hahahaha the funniest thing was the face he made when he told you hahaha I lived it and exalted it that you can't even imagine hahahaha

Over time, the subject of bread, his comments and so on, worsened; but for quite some time now, he has been working on it, raising his vibration and doing for him.

What would be my surprise this morning, when I see him come in with a loaf of bread. And he says to me: Do you want bread? and me: aha, where did you buy it? and it turns out that he told me that in the supermarket of the famous “bad bread”. The funniest thing is that when he went to buy the bread (because yesterday he saw someone come out with a different bread and he went to ask if they were selling a new one), they told him it was their own bread, that they had started making it; Galician bread (the owners of the supermarket are originally from Galicia). And I told him: So much that you insisted on the bread and in the end, they began to make bread themselves. He hadn't noticed, and he told me yes, it's true hahahahaha. It is not exactly a family supermarket, the owners have several supermarkets, buildings and I don't know if they will have any other business... They don't have any bakery, but suddenly, they started making bread to supply the supermarkets.

How did the idea come to you? I don't know, but I'm sure I know who is responsible...

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