PE18 - Special Programming - Learn to Manifest your Specific Person - May 17

PE18 - Special Programming - Learn to Manifest your Specific Person - May 17

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PE18 Special Class Manifest Specific Person: SPECIAL PROGRAMMING

May 17, 2023.

7pm Canary Islands time

Your programming is poor and outdated, don't you believe me? Look around you, do you have what you want?


I tell you, since you insist on lying to yourself over and over again.

Program yourself with this class so that you get out of that loop where NO, you don't have what you want now.

We are EXPERTS in Subconscious Programming, thousands of success testimonials endorse us.

Are you coming or are you going?

Empower yourself with this class and take off like a rocket towards your manifestation.

Do you feel like your Specific Person IS in control? Does his attitude towards you depend on how your day will be? Do you feel like your PE has taken over your mind and thoughts? Do you feel like you don't have the power or control of your desire?


Learn to take charge and control of your manifestation.

Recover your creative power!!!

Do not miss this class full of pearls

Remember that places are limited

Do not miss yours!!!

Take advantage and reserve your place NOW and benefit from a 60% Discount for advance purchase.

Don't miss it!

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