PE17 - Limits and Consciousness Special - Learn to Manifest your Specific Person - May 11

PE17 - Limits and Consciousness Special - Learn to Manifest your Specific Person - May 11

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PE17 Special Class Manifest Specific Person: LIMITS AND CONSCIOUSNESS

May 11, 2023.

7pm Canary Islands time

Most of the people who try to manifest their specific person, get lost between different perceptions and then when it is time to react and act with that person, THEY DON'T KNOW.

You must become aware of the importance of Limits.

What have been your limits so far?

What are the limits of your desire?

What are the limits with your Specific Person?

Work them!!!

They don't know how to work the limits and they mess up and then sailor fabric with contrasts!

But what they do realize working with STH is that they had no idea of ​​Boundaries and how important they are to manifesting your Specific Persona Correctly.

You must learn to know your personal limits and the limits that they are using and have used with your specific person (which you surely have no idea).

Working on the limits will allow you to really manifest using a real and effective action plan.

Empower yourself with this class and take off like a rocket towards your manifestation.

Do you feel like your Specific Person IS in control? Does his attitude towards you depend on how your day will be? Do you feel like your PE has taken over your mind and thoughts? Do you feel like you don't have the power or control of your desire?


Learn to take charge and control of your manifestation.

Recover your creative power!!!

Do not miss this class full of pearls

Remember that places are limited

Do not miss yours!!!

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