PACK de Clases: Persona Específica - ANTICONTRASTES (Ahorra) - Sin Trucos Humanos

Classes PACK: Specific Person - ANTI-CONTRAST (Save)

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This Pack of STH Classes is especially intended for those people who want to learn to manage contrasts and redirect them in their favor as far as the Specific Person is concerned and improve this aspect in their life.

This Pack is made up of a combination of STH Classes that will lead you to manage the contrasts and redirect them in your favor in relation to your Specific Person, access a higher level of consciousness, help you to lead yourself to a better version of yourself and to see life from an absolutely different perspective so that you stop finding obstacles and limitations already known.

The Specific Person- ANTI-CONTRAST Pack includes the following classes:

    • STH Class PE2 - How to handle your Specific Person (PE) and its contrast.

    • STH Self-esteem and Empowerment Class

    • STH Class The Perceptions

    • STH Class Mental Verbiage

    • STH Class The Law of Truth

    • STH Class Self Image

    • STH Class The True Law of the Mirror

    • STH Class El Enemigo and El Salvador

    • STH Class The True Feeling Creator

Access these classes with a special discount. By acquiring this Pack you will receive access to the STH Classes.

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