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Activate your VIP Membership and access great advantages to work on yourself and achieve your goals.


Access Here to see all the VIP Membership Modalities and their Benefits:


* Access to Internal Patreon Community

* Access to Private Telegram Chat/Group where you can participate with our No Human Tricks Moderation/Advice Team. On our Private Telegram Channel where we will inform you and you will be the first to find out about our news and events.

* Participate with us and solve your specific doubts through our Chat / Private Telegram Group

* Access to the Monthly Predictions of the TOLDA Method

* Every Week 1 I meet via Zoom with our No Human Tricks Team so that you can participate with all of us, we will clarify doubts, you can ask us questions live or ask us to talk about a specific topic.

* Every week 1 meeting via Zoom of TOLDA METHOD so that you can participate and solve all your doubts with Nat live with other members. The questions of the assistants will be resolved during 1 hour. It will be addressed in order of arrival.

* 1 Member of our team in our VIP Chat available for 1 hour a week to answer questions.

* Empower yourself with us through our Private Telegram Channel where we will share many interesting and empowering things. Exclusive Content to Manifest, Empowerment and Programming through a Private Telegram Group.

* 1 60-minute Welcome TOLDA Session with our No Human Tricks Team (by appointment) when registering for the first time in your Membership (not valid for renewals). If you prefer, you can exchange it for a 1h Personalized Consultation with our Sth TEAM.

* Access to ALL Sth Classes Live.

* 10% Discount on our Live events (Not combinable with other promotions).

** Counseling/Tolda/Personalized Sessions/Access to classes are not cumulative and cannot be exchanged for other products or services. If you wish to enjoy this right, you must reserve your place in advance for the same month in which you wish to use it.
** STH reserves the right to plan the number of classes that will be taught per month. In order to access the Live Classes, the user must reserve their place at the latest the day before the Live Class. If the user was unable to attend the class live, they will be able to watch it on a deferred basis as long as they have reserved their place in advance. The user will have the right to use the Chat and participate with other members and ask questions during the Live class (you can only participate in the chat and ask questions during the live class). Access to Live Classes begins from the first Live Class that is given since the Membership is contracted. Access to Live Classes will only be available while the user maintains the membership active and current. The user will have the right to review the classes that they have already seen Live and will be able to see them as many times as they want while they have an active and up-to-date membership. If the user unsubscribes from the memberships, they will not have the right to review or access the classes they have already seen. Access to classes does not include ownership of the class.

*** Memberships appear at a cost of €0.00 because these products are only informing that the place where they should be contracted is on the Patreon platform: