Ebook Manual de Percepciones Conscientes para Manifestar a tu Persona Específica - Parte 2 - Sin Trucos Humanos

Ebook Manual of Conscious Perceptions to Manifest Your Specific Persona - Part 2

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Study Manual to work on Consciousness Perceptions to Manifest your Specific Person.

If you are working to manifest your specific person, this manual is for you. This manual is focused on working on the creator from the empowerment of the being, where you will work with perceptions to put your focus in the right place and learn to perceive your specific person as you want to manifest.

This Manual comes to complement the Manual to Consciously Manifest Your Specific Person. A manual that we recommend yes or yes.

This Ebook is part 2, get part 1: Manual to Consciously Manifest Your Specific Person https://sintrucoshumanos.net/products/manual-para-manifestar-a-tu-persona-especifica?_pos=1&_psq=manual&_ss= e&_v=1.0