Manual de Límites & Empoderamiento para Manifestar a tu Persona Específica - Sin Trucos Humanos

Boundaries & Empowerment Manual to Manifest Your Specific Persona

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Boundaries & Empowerment Manual to Manifest Your Specific Persona

Stop allowing everything bad to happen to you, get out of suffering.

Learn to Manifest Your Specific Persona

Juana, this manual is really NOT to be missed, it is really a guide and an accompaniment for you to use during your process to Manifest your Specific Person Correctly.

Most of the people who enter a process to manifest their specific person at first have many doubts that little by little with the REAL and Correct accompaniment and training, they clarify and learn.

But then when it is time to apply what has been learned on a day-to-day basis, it is where the real conflict and confusion comes into action, because they do not know how to cope in their day-to-day life with:

The absence of your Specific Person


The desire that has not yet manifested

The indifference of your Specific Person

The bad attitude of your Specific Person

Lack of interest from your Specific Person

The third person

among other...

All this is what leads you to not know how to act with your specific person and you are filled with doubts and in the end you end up screwing up a thousand times, because by not knowing how you should react to the contrast, whatever your Person is presenting. Specific, you get lost and react badly either:

making you angry

claiming him

blocking you

ignoring him

Doing something to him like what he did to you

pleasing him

begging him

calling your attention

fighting him

among other...

No Juana, your specific person during the manifestation process can acquire different roles and contrasts, not just one and can change their attitude several times, but if you do NOT know what it is due to or why that happens and you do not know how you should act and react with your Specific Person at all times according to the contrast it presents...

You screw up!

Do you want to stop screwing up?

This manual is for you!

It will give you a lot of light and a lot of clarity, as well as programming and empowering you.

Yours for the taking!

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