LA IMAGINACIÓN Parte1 - Clase Especial Neville Goddard - Sin Trucos Humanos

THE IMAGINATION Part 1 - Neville Goddard Special Class

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January 26, 2023 from 8pm Canary Islands time, the special class will take place: THE IMAGINATION.

This class has Part 2 and Part 3. Don't miss this saga!

A special class on the contents and techniques of Neville Goddard.

This class that I am going to teach will be based on the contents of Neville Goddard, specifically:

Your wonderful human imagination.

We are going to treat this concept in depth, where in addition to analyzing it, you will leave with many doubts that you had, clarified. In addition, we are going to work with programming and the awareness of being.

As usual with me, I will give you tips, examples, resources and tools to make it easier for you to understand and so you can put it into practice in your day to day.

Don't miss this class!

Have you already seen the class THE TRUE CREATOR FEELING? It is also a class based on the contents of Neville Goddard, specifically: Feeling is the Secret. This class is already available on our website, if you want to open your mouth, I recommend it 100%, it was a high-impact class for the participants.

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Do not miss the Special Class THE IMAGINATION!

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