El Método Silva de Control Mental - Libro - Sin Trucos Humanos

The Silva Method of Mind Control - Book

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"The life you've always wanted, within your reach." A meditation book to control and free our mind.

Our thoughts, ideas and beliefs condition our vital experience. When we learn to use the deepest, most invisible resources of our selves and make simple, positive changes, we can live a fuller life that is more in tune with our ideals and desires.

The goal of Silva Mind Control Method it is teaching us to use our minds better and think more effectively, and at the same time activate areas of our brain that are usually almost inactive. Through simple exercises, we will be able to stimulate memory and intuition, control tensions and bad habits, and solve the small and big problems of daily life.

This book, first published in the 1960s and translated into more than thirty languages, has given rise to courses and seminars throughout the world.