I always try to "bone" all the concepts as much as possible so that they can be accessible to everyone.

Many times they ask me (although more than a question, they usually affirm it...) what can they do when they have assumed the desired state and physical "reality" is showing them something contrary to the desired state; Many also tell me (especially when they are trying to assume a specific person) that this person appears but walks away and that it seems that they finally show an attitude contrary to what they have assumed...

I will share with you a series of very basic and simple explanations and examples, with which I hope I can better clarify what is happening and thus impress the subconscious so that the truth sets you free.
To begin with, you must understand that an appearance is something that appears to be, but is not. There may be similar people, but the fact that one person resembles another does not mean that it is the other, it only looks alike, but it is not. An appearance is only something that resembles, but even what resembles something is not that something.

That is why it is very important for you to understand that whatever appears to be is not, it only appears to be; therefore, if something looks like but is not, then it is not a truth, it is a lie. It is a lie because it looks like it but it is not. Things are or are not. Things that look alike are not. There is only one truth: what IS. I am.

I Am is a truth, because you are your I Am, and you are aware of being, and if someone tells you that you look like So-and-so, you do not doubt for a second if you are that person or not, well, you you are aware of being in each moment of your I Am.

You know who you are and where you are, because you are aware of being, and anything that is not your awareness of being is not the truth.
An example that I give you a lot, especially in private consultations, is that of oranges, because it is an easy and simple way to understand what is happening when life shows us an APPEARANCE contrary to our desired state and it will help you Here's what to do if this happens:

The seeds have genetic information inside that means that once it is planted in fertile ground and with the right conditions, it develops, transforming itself into the tree and the subsequent fruit corresponding to that information collected inside. And that information is immutable, that is the truth.

Therefore, if I decide to harvest oranges to sell or enjoy them and I have the orange seeds in my possession, and I choose and decide to plant oranges, I will collect oranges. If I plant oranges, I pick oranges. That's the truth.
Therefore, if I have planted oranges and I am picking pears, those pears do not correspond to my harvest of orange seeds, since no pears can grow from an orange seed. Oranges come out.

So, if I am harvesting pears having planted oranges, it is a lie, because the information of the orange seed is immutable. If it is a lie that I am harvesting pears having planted oranges, then those pears belong to a previous planting. If I plant it, I harvest it, therefore, if I am harvesting pears, the only truth about that is that I had to plant pears in a previous planting.

If I am not interested in pears because I decided to harvest oranges, I ignore them and let the pears rot naturally by not taking care of them.

I take the attention away from the pears and the pears are lost.

If pears are coming out, then they do not belong in the seeds of oranges.

If I plant oranges, I pick oranges!!!

That's the truth.

So if you planted oranges and are picking pears, wait :)

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