What is the TOLDA Method?

The TOLDA Method is a pioneering method created and developed by No Human Tricks, where through different oracles, the professional combining the PSECU, will check where their manifestations are going, since if it were detected that their manifestations have to materialize towards a situation outside the will and desire of the client, the professional will detect it and help him correct the way he acts in order to redirect his manifestations.

The professional in charge of carrying out the TOLDA Method session, in addition to checking the status of their manifestations and guiding and redirecting the person, will guide them by giving them the correct guidelines, so that the client can carry out an order and have clear concepts of how they should act and proceed after the previous check from personal empowerment.

The TOLDA Method is a combined method of different techniques and practices, created after different tests verified by our No Human Tricks team, launched once verified and tested until reaching success after having achieved the expected results.

The TOLDA Method is carried out from a positive point of view for the person, always helping to understand and focus the person, from an empowerment that arises with the combination of the PSECU to be able to program the person at a subconscious level so that the changes are faster. and notable.

The TOLDA Method is the perfect combination and support for those people who are working with the Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption or similar and who wish to monitor and control the work they are doing to stay on the desired line and with the focus. right to achieve your goals.

What will I experience after a personalized session of the TOLDA Method?

Those people who have had a TOLDA Method session will not only be able to check the status of their manifestations, but they will feel calmer knowing which line they should take or what they should correct if that were the case. They will have more clear information regarding the use of these laws and several doubts resolved.

They will feel more empowered and self-confident, feeling how little by little, in addition to having greater clarity and expansion of consciousness, their life begins to improve remarkably, coming to experience more and more fully from an improved version of themselves.

When will I get my statements after having had a personalized session of the TOLDA Method?

The person who has a TOLDA Method session must understand that it is a support and complement to their personal work, and that in addition to giving it clarity and resources, it must go hand in hand with their personal work as a creator.

The time it takes for the person to achieve their manifestations is personal and will depend on the personal work that each one does on himself, in addition to consciously following all the steps indicated during the session for a better result.

There are already hundreds of people who have had TOLDA Method sessions who have obtained their demonstrations and have shared their testimonies on our social networks, but the greatest gratitude that we obtain is the personal transformation that each one obtains at a deep level, gradually leading them to a freedom of being, from a conscious point of security and trust.

Who is in charge of teaching the TOLDA Method sessions?

All of our professionals who teach the TOLDA Method sessions are part of the Sin Trucos Humanos team and have several years of experience in handling different oracles, as well as exclusive and intensive training in PSECU and the TOLDA Method.

All the people who teach the TOLDA Method sessions have constant and active monitoring and training, further perfecting the technique for better management and achievement of results.

What is the main objective of the professionals who teach the TOLDA Method sessions?

Both of the TOLDA Method, PSECU, Workshops, Events and STH Special Classes, each and every one of the objectives that the members of Sin Trucos Humanos have is none other than that the person achieves his objectives, in addition to giving quality care and program the person at a subconscious level so that they can experience themselves in their best version of being, from empowerment and fullness.

How can I have a Personal Session of the TOLDA Method?

To contract a personalized session of the TOLDA Method, you just have to send an email to and they will give you all the information without obligation 

Info & Sessions:

WhatsApp +34 611 678 193

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