Stay Kind - Chronicles of a Traveler

Each experience is a gift, each experience transforms you as long as you are willing to accept, observe and open up to change.

Among all the challenges that one can be involved in life, for me there is no other as great as staying kind, aware, connected and compassionate.

It's so easy to disconnect...

We get lost in our day between what happens to us, has happened to us and what has not yet come...

We get lost between anger and frustration, between assumptions I am this, I have this, and without realizing all your titles and all your achievements, those that you proudly display so that others define you from there, from the limitation.

What makes you proud and what you want others to identify you with, is not really defining you, but limiting you.

And you allow it.

And you like it.

and makes you proud

And unintentionally, your ego is filled and your chances of changing are emptied

Not to change what you like and make your chest swell and make you proud, but it prevents you from changing and feeling from love, from delivery, from compassion and from emptiness.

Well, in the end we don't empty ourselves of the good and what makes us feel safe, but we empty ourselves to fill ourselves.

We empty ourselves of the limitations of who we think we are today

That person who is so right, that lemon pear that sours everything around him...

I empty myself to allow myself to be everything that prevents me from my current personality, since my consciousness of being is limited by the sins of trying to continue being who I am

Being who I am is fine as long as I'm happy with my life, with what I have, with what happens to me, and with how I feel in the world about myself and others.

When everything is ugly around me, I am ugly.

The world is myself externalized and everything that is ugly for me will be perceived by others with respect to myself.

How difficult it is to feel the other from unconditional love, to the one I don't know, to the one who doesn't know how to do it better than me...

And it is that I am all the best, and the best is the great suffering and disconnection that I have. A disconnection so big that it prevents me from being and giving love.

And it is that there is no greater sign of love than the one that I can feel and show myself, and that sign of love towards myself, unconditionally, is the one that is born when I feel least sorry, when I least feel like it, when I have the most the reason.

Every time you feel rejection by another, give them love. Maybe it won't come to you at first, but try it and practice it for a little while, because putting love when anger flows, discomfort towards another in me, is stopping the cycle of dissatisfaction that invades my life to make way for breaking that spell of wanting but not I can and "everything happens to me".

Give way to your dreams filling yourself with satisfaction while practicing the emptiness of the eternal being.

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