I don't remember exactly when I came across a post from someone who shared a photo of a bottle of Goddard's Gold Braid Rum from one of the Goddard family companies (Neville's family).

After seeing that photograph I started to investigate a little more and I found more photographs of some products on the net and I tried to gather information just out of admiration and curiosity, and now that I remembered it I decided to write this article.

The Goddard family immersed themselves in different businesses, including the manufacture and distribution of rum, something that has always been quite typical in this type of Caribbean islands, so it was a good business vision both for the consumption of its inhabitants and for export, tourism, etc. Personally I have not been to Barbados yet, but I have been to several islands in the Bahamas and it was very common to find local rum for sale. Personally, when I was in Nassau, I bought two bottles of local rum, one for my brother-in-law and another for me, with which I really enjoyed making some "bahama mama" at home and surprising my guests with the exotic cocktail made with the rich rum from the Bahamas…

From what I could find on the net at that time among people's comments, Neville's father started this company and the Goddard company (I understand that person was referring to Goddard and Sons). Among the comments I read that the family owned that company for years and even up to the present day. The Goddard family owned a large portion of islands in the West Indies.

On a few occasions Neville talks about how his family got started and succeeded in

business. His family was aware of this law, and both his brother Víctor Goddard and his father decided to work and enjoy the fruits of "Cesar's World".

Joseph Nathaniel Goddard and his son Victor Goddard.

On the label of some of the bottles we can see that the rum is made in Barbados, with the name of the father, Joe (Joseph Nathaniel Goddard) or Goddard and Sons.

In the recorded lecture where Neville talks about Abdullah, he comments that he brought him "his father's rum".

Currently the Goddard family company, is known as Goddard Enterprises Limited (GEL), which is listed on the stock market and includes interests in the Caribbean, North America and Latin America. Goddard Enterprises maintains a reputation for strength while reinventing itself to adapt to the ever-changing economy and trends.

Currently, the Goddard family company is made up of different types of businesses such as: hospitality manufacturing, automotive, construction materials and finance. The Goddard Family Business (GEL) currently has subsidiaries in: inflight catering, restaurant and industrial catering, ground handling, meat processing, bakery operations, automotive retail, real estate, automotive manufacturing aerosols and liquid detergents, investments, general trade, packaging, biotechnology, rental properties, general insurance, financing, shipping agents and unloading, estimating and warehousing services. They are also distributors of international brands such as Bosch, Baileys, Hertz, Kellog's, Hyundai, Pepsi, Johnnie Walker, Fiat, Nissan, Smirnoff and Ace, among others. It is also made up of subsidiary companies and are majority shareholders of many others, some of them being Home Depot, Marshall Trading, Ace, among others.

Employee management uses the philosophy of "the three Rs" (3R) for employee management, which facilitates the development of the company: "Re-equip our administration, re-involve our associates and recognize excellent performance ”.

Currently the chairman of the board of the Goddard family company, is William Putman. Reviewing the information that I have been able to find about the company currently, I did not find any prominent position with the family name.

William Putman – Current President of the council.

The Goddard company helps and promotes different social aspects such as the well-being of communities and education, even going so far as to offer scholarships for their development.

On the company's website, there is a section entitled History, where it tells (too concise in my opinion), its history:

On October 13, 1921, Joseph Nathaniel Goddard formed a partnership with his son Victor to open a grocery store with butcher shop located on a street in Bridgetown. At the time, neither of them could have imagined that this small business would become a successful multinational conglomerate.

Today, Goddard Enterprises covers more than 23 countries in the Caribbean, North, Central and South America. While continuing to be involved in the more traditional areas of retail and wholesale, the company's business is expanding into new industries.
Just three years after opening the business, on October 13, 1924, Mr. Goddard purchased the Ice House Building on Broad Street in order to expand food product operations. As the first refrigerated meat store in Bridgetown, it became a pioneer in the local retail industry. It later became a supermarket business, with a branch opening in Fontabelle in 1962. Rendezvous supermarket was later acquired in 1964.
The great success of the Goddard group is due to diversification. As the supermarket retail business continued to be successful (this being the core business for many years) the company also expanded through the acquisition of established businesses. In 1939, the first acquisition was in the bakery industry, which eventually led to full ownership of Purity Bakery, the market leader in Barbados.
Goddard ventured into the retail department store and hotel business in 1943; the latter led to the growth of catering services for airlines. Continued diversification and business development over decades laid the foundation for the corporation to achieve the strong position it holds today. Goddard Enterprises currently runs more than 50 companies in 23 countries, stretching from Canada in the north to Uruguay in the south.

If you look at the part where I copied the history of the company, which is the one that currently appears on its website; it is mentioned that " Just three years after opening the business, on October 13, 1924, Mr. Goddard purchased the Ice House Building on Broad Street in order to expand the operations of food products .." Neville in some conference tells the story that without having enough money, the necessary means appeared to be able to acquire a building (a man made them an unexpected proposal), which finally, years after having exploited it, they sold it earning a lot of money.

Would you like to work in the Goddard family business? In this link you can send your application:


PO Box 502, Bridgetown,
West Indian Barbards

Phone: +1 246 430 5700
Fax: +1 246 430 5700

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